About Us

Hi Blossom Babe's!

I am Amber, the Babe behind this Boutique. This has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember and with my better half's blessing and support I am able to make this dream a reality. A little bit about me; I am a new Momma  (hence why I don't have a better photo of myself) to a beautiful little boy named Gage. Also, I am a Momma to a rescue German Shepherd named Koda and I have a man stubborn as nails and soft as paper, but hung the moon in my opinion. Florida is my home, I love the sunshine, a good book, classic rock music, classic cars, baby snuggles, the color turquoise, pedis, coffee, a glass of wine (just kidding a bottle), movies that make me laugh, and of course style that makes me smile. Be warned I say "Y'all" a lot!! 

The boutique is a mix between boho vibes, with feminine flair, and some Southern Charm. I have searched high and low to find fun pieces that are original and think you will love and make your heart sing just a little without breaking the bank.  Words can not describe my excitement for this little boutique, and gosh I sure hope Y'all enjoy! 😙