About Amber

Hi Blossom Babe's!

I am Amber, the Babe behind this Boutique. As a little girl I use to bury myself and play aimlessly in my Mom and Aunt’s closets for hours. The love I developed back then for clothing, shoes, accessories, and even makeup followed me my entire life.

However, it took me quite a long time to follow my dream. In 2018 I became a Mama to a sweet little boy named Gage. It was in those early months of maternity leave a fire was fueled, my passion was ignited, and I took the leap. I knew I wanted to create a life for myself that was not only flexible to the needs of my Son, but to also lead a life of example; one full of passion and purpose.

With several goals in mind, a little plan of action, sleepless nights, a few tears and whole lot of coffee and wine my dream was brought to fruition. In July 2018 Blossom Babes Boutique was born.

What’s in the name you ask? You see I’ve taken more left turns than right ones. I have been in some very dark places. I have lost love, lost financial stability, I have been in desperate moments and I have been sent to my knees. Before I met Gage’s Dad, I never thought I would have a family of mine own, I thought my time had come and gone. I truly believed any dreams I ever possessed were never meant to be mine. But that Man changed my life, he made me a Mother and he has shown me a love I have never known before. My life has blossomed within the past 3 years and I know I am on the road meant for me. My heart is full, I don’t doubt who I am, my abilities, or what I have to offer.

My hope is I can offer my love for service, people and style to you. And if you are a bit of a Hot Mess like me, like wine and a good time I bet we would be real good friends. Speaking of fun, if you haven’t done so be sure to join my Facebook Group, this is where all the exciting things happen.

I’m truly honored you are here,